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There are some examples of our previous projects in this section.

These projects are not templates. The project, which we will produce for you may be similar to our previous examples or can be completely new personalized style for you. Your order will be created with high quality, low price and just in time.

Trailer of the channel

Here you can see the trailer of our partner’s channel, which function in CIS countries. This video was made in this way, to be similar to animation, which is used in Marvel movies. Dynamic videos show all the information you can find on the channel.

Advertisement video for Kryspinov.com.pl

This advertisement video made for the resort on the Kryspinov lagoon, Cracow downtown. Video demonstrates all opportunities and list of entertainments. Informative voice line, created by radio eska Cracow, makes you dive in the lagoon.

NSM 2013

Here you can see the video made for festival in Cannes 2013. This video was made to show appreciation to all members and staff. They worked hard to organize this festival. The PR-team with a number of surveys helped us to create a video, which shows the opinion of members about this event.

Amazing downhill

In this movie one guy has decided to tackle an extreme sport and move by stairs from 10 floor to -1 on his bicycle. The problem was that, the recorder was an amateur and all process had been recorded in one scene. It was our job to combine all the materials to make one interacting video. We created this project giving our efforts to make it a high quality video and as a result it turned into a professional movie.

Laennec 3D Mezonity

Chain of hospitals of Rhana had ordered video editing of a study movie about series of injections. As a result of this procedure, the immune system was recovered.


The director of Itecompany ordered a special promo video for their building company about their service. In this video was we implemented the effect from the popular movie “Matrix”. We made the rain of numbers, to show that Itecompany uses modern technologies for projecting and building.

100-year anniversary of Monin Company

The most popular company in the world Monin, which produces syrups for shakes, celebrated its, 100’s Anniversary. During the 3 – day event, organizers managed to combine seminars, exhibitions and workshops, where all brands with which they are working together were presented. Complex Bar Company did the biggest part of the organizing process and exactly this company ordered 2 short movies from us. In these movies, they demonstrate all attractions, which had occurred on the event.

How will Samsung Galaxy S8 look like?

Do you remember times, when Samsung Galaxy S8 did not exist, but people eagerly waited for it? In this animation video we present information about feature smartphone. Video turned out to be dynamic with off-screen voice, that talks about opportunities of feature flagman. Every re-entry effect was made independently and is different from the previous one. Thankfully to these effects the movie is emotional and diverse.

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Series of videos for Habitat Home company

The Habitat Home Company is a chain of stores, which sells goods for bathrooms. Dynamic videos were made to show the quality of their service. Videos are dynamic due to the changing scenes happening every 2 seconds

Series of video for realtor company Nmarket (chromokey)

Nmarket Company, which functions in Russia, sell new flats, houses and residential complexes. They have contracts with all governing building companies in Russia. We finished more than 20 projects of videos like this. Every video is presentation of houses built and sold at that time. Manager is staying on the front of green cloth, which we changed to another background afterwards.

Festival of Switzerland

In 2017 the Swiss festival of local product was introduced in the largest cities of Poland. We have launched series of short movies like this and set up advertisement of company in Google Adwords to promote this event. Videos were published on YouTube and shown like advertisement in Stream. The advertisement company was successful and the event was attended by twice more people than the organizers expected.